Dirk is an Octalysis Gamification Consultant and Designer based in the Netherlands. He specialises in the craft of weaving together game mechanics with maximum synergy in order to ensure long-lasting user engagement.

Dirk combines his systematic thinking, design skills and knowledge of human psychology to help solve the global engagement crisis. In the Octalysis Group he worked on a variety of projects including Booking.com, an app to help struggling high school students, a gamified e-commerce platform and Supernatural; an eco-friendly cleaning product. He is also a Quality Control Manager for Octalysis Prime; world’s best Gamification Learning Platform.

With a constant passion for solving problems, Dirk studied Industrial Design Engineering at the University of Twente, one of Europe’s most renowned technical Universities. There he learned to design functional and engaging products tailored to specific user group. He finished with the highest grade in his class. Dirk is the creator of multiple boardgames in the Netherlands, including the Game of Love for newly weds to improve their relationship.

Dirk excels in working with 3D CAD software and, as a certified SolidWorks Professional, worked as a Mechanical Design Engineer for several years. He designed agricultural distribution machinery made to handle 100,000’s kg of produce per month.

In the weekends, Dirk loves exploring new boardgames to study the intriguing mechanics that makes them engaging. He is a Gold level Ballroom dancer and enjoys other partner dances with his girlfriend as well. Dirk is trilingual, he speaks Dutch, English and Danish.