OCTALYSIS: Transforming business performance

We are excited to share our journey through successful collaborations, applying innovative Octalysis strategies.
Our success metrics speak volumes:

  • A 712% uplift in sales, through our human-focused designs that boost product attractiveness and market performance.
  • A loyalty program with a 175% performance enhancement, with a well-crafted reward system.
  • Our employee engagement strategies lead to 30% more revenue and 68% higher KPIs.

These figures are just the tip of the iceberg. As you delve into our case studies, you’ll discover an array of successes achieved through the unique blend of behavioral science and gamification that defines The Octalysis Group.
Our case studies showcase our transformative impact across various sectors. Take a leap with us and discover how Octalysis can propel your business to new heights of success.

Create the world’s first gamified loyalty program and achieve high customer loyalty and conversions.
Greatly increase sales revenue by double digits by engaging the CAIXA workforce of 60,000 employees across 6 departments.
Increase revenue, decrease churn, and fully reconstitute employee morale and workplace engagement.
Increase patient medication adherence to revolutionise adherence to life saving medication programs.
Create a brand new learning platform for Azure to engage its users in compelling learning journeys.
Create a truly engaging loyalty for the Car Manufacturing Industry. Create a truly engaging loyalty for the Car Manufacturing Industry.
Mainstream Octalysis Human Focus Design within the bank and design new customer journeys for DBS products.
Create a loyalty program to disrupt the hospitality industry in the United States. Increase conversion and member growth.
Increase online course completion rates to become market leader in the MOOC industry.
Apply Octalysis to make people enjoy driving in a safe matter. Decrease cost per client and increase company revenue.