OCTALYSIS: Transforming business performance

Most projects we do for our clients are confined by confidentiality, especially regarding specific ROI numbers. Fortunately, over the years we are grateful to have gathered many publicly shareable Case Studies with ROI metrics so you can see the results of us applying the Octalysis methodology into various organizations.
Our success metrics speak volumes:

  • A +46% increase in bank recurring profits leading to +$1.06 Billion USD in profits and ascending from the No 2. Public Bank in Brazil to the No 1. Public Bank.
  • A +712% uplift in sales for a well known hotel chain, through our human-focused designs that boost product attractiveness and market performance.
  • A loyalty program for a Major Airline with a +175% performance enhancement through a well-crafted reward system.
  • An employee engagement platform for sales staff that led to +28.5% more revenue and +59% higher KPIs.
  • A +188% increase in eCommerce Revenues for a major technology company through an engaging Social Media Marketing and eCommerce Engagement.

These figures are just the tip of the iceberg. As you delve into our case studies, you’ll discover an array of successes achieved through the unique blend of behavioral science and gamification that defines The Octalysis Group.
Our case studies showcase our transformative impact across various sectors. Take a leap with us and discover how Octalysis can propel your business to new heights of success.

LATAM Airlines Loyalty Gamification Case Study
Launched the world’s first gamified airline loyalty program and achieved +123% miles accumulation, +153% credit card acquisitions, and +280% email open rates.
Caixa Banking Gamification Case Study
Greatly increased bank recurring profits by 46% (+$1.06 Billion USD) for CAIXA by gamifying workforce productivity of 76,000 employees across 6 departments.
Proctor Gamble FMCG Gamification Case Study
Increased revenue by 28.6% and KPI by +60% by gamifying FMCG Regional Sales Force. Additionally, decreased churn and reconstituted employee morale and workplace engagement.
Pfizer Healthcare Gamification Case Study
Increased patient medication adherence to revolutionize adherence to life saving medication programs.
HTC VIVE eCommerce Gamification Case Study
Increased front page conversion rate by 43x and eCommerce Revenue by +188% through gamifying the Digital Journey from ARG Campaign, Social Media, Landing Pages, to eCommerce Sales Conversion.
Porsche VW Loyalty Gamification Case Study
Created a truly engaging loyalty for the Car Manufacturing Industry. Created a truly engaging loyalty for the Car Manufacturing Industry.
Microsoft Learning Gamification Case Study
Created a brand new learning platform for Azure to engage its users in compelling learning journeys.
LuckyDiem Hotel Gamification Case Study
Created a loyalty & referral program to disrupt the hospitality industry in the United States. Increase conversion and member growth.
Bitdegree Education Gamification Case Study
Increased online course completion rates by +350% and completion time by half to become market leader in the MOOC industry.
Mainstreamed Octalysis Human Focus Design within the bank and design new customer journeys for DBS products.