Procter & GAMBLE

Employee engagement and satisfaction play pivotal roles in determining an organization’s success. Conventional solutions often fall short. Navo Orbico, a global Procter & Gamble distributor, recognized the need for a transformative approach and they turned to The Octalysis Group. Armed with expertise in gamification and behavioural design, The Octalysis Group didn’t just offer a solution; they crafted a revolution.

The Challenge

Navo Orbico, with its expansive reach across 19 countries and a portfolio boasting 512 prominent brands such as Ariel, Pampers, and Pringles, grappled with:

  • Stagnant sales figures.
  • Alarmingly high rates of employee turnover.
  • Ineffective internal training programs draining financial resources.
  • A palpable dip in employee morale and engagement.

With traditional training methods proving to be ineffective and the monotonous nature of sales roles amplifying employee dissatisfaction, Navo Orbico sought a groundbreaking solution.


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The Approach

The Octalysis Group’s answer lay in gamification, a method that infuses everyday tasks with elements of play, competition, and reward. Here’s what we did:

  • Innovative Overlay: Built atop Navo Orbico’s existing systems, an 18th-century trading city theme was introduced, inspired by the Baltic sea and old school port traders.
  • Engaging Tasks: Sales representatives, now turned traders, embarked on journeys, traded with colonies (clients), and filled their ships with wares, bringing excitement to their roles.
  • Augmented Reality: An integration with Google Maps transformed mundane commutes into adventurous sails, with real-time interactions and alerts.
  • Reward Mechanisms: A leveling system enabled sales reps to earn points, upgrade ships, and win tangible rewards, effectively turning tedious admin work into an engaging activity.
  • Community Building: A virtual port city, affected by sales, natural disasters, and more, became the collective project for all sales representatives, fostering teamwork.
  • Centralized Communication: The Tavern, a virtual space, served as the hub for all corporate communication, training, and interaction.

The Outcome

The Octalysis Group’s innovative approach bore tangible results:

  • Sales witnessed a remarkable +28.6% growth.
  • Training and Sales KPIs surged by a staggering +60%.
  • Social interactions within the sales team saw a +300% uptick.
  • An astounding 99.5% of employees voluntarily enrolled in the new system during its first year.

Furthermore, Navo Orbico’s revamped system was honored with the title of “Best Gamification Project 2017”.

In Retrospect

Innovation inherently carries risks, but the rewards can be game-changing. The Octalysis Group believes in mitigating these risks through behavioral science, a science-backed framework, and their track record of delivering high ROI engagement designs. Every company’s challenges are unique, but with the right partner and approach, they can be transformed into opportunities for unparalleled growth.


Increase in revenue versus historical performance, now running it’s 5th year


Increase in sales input activities by staff in the experience


Daily Active Users in this non-compulsory experience