Octalysis Hero

Octalysis Hero

The Octalysis Hero Program is perfect for those companies that are enthusiastic about the possibilities that Octalysis offers for their businesses, but have no solid client base yet.

As an Octalysis Hero you can signal to your (potential) clients that you are inspired by the Octalysis Framework without incurring the cost of being a fully fledged partner. This way you can join us in our exciting journey to spread the world number 1 Gamification/Human Focused Design framework across all continents.

Oh did we already tell you that the Octalysis Hero Program is free of cost?

Once you gain your first client, we can discuss a much deeper partnership where you actually get the use rights for our IP. At the same time, we are available to assist you with the proper training and coaching to ensure your success in client acquisition as a nascent Octalysis business.

What we are looking for in our Octalysis Hero:

  • A commitment and shared enthusiasm about Gamification, and in particular the Octalysis Framework

  • A shared commitment to further social causes while applying The Octalysis Framework