Gaute Kokkvoll - Octalysis Associate

Gaute Kokkvoll


Gaute is an Octalysis Associate, working on gamification projects mainly in Europe. 

He has a background from the Norwegian Startup scene since 2012, with engagements in volunteer groups, interest-groups and advising startups in Norway.

His Bachelor in Creativity, Innovation and Business Development, from the Oslo School of Management, specialized on growth strategies . He teamed up with the startup of The Bidra Foundation, now the leading crowdfunding platform for social and commercial projects in Norway.

In 2015 Gaute got together with a childhood friend to start Demand The Source, a project aimed to make critical thinking fun and collaborative online. Demand The Source has received funding from Innovation Norway and The Free Speech Foundation.

Gaute has always moved around a lot, and appreciates meeting new ideas, new people and new places. When taking a break from projects, he has a hunch for anything that goes sideways.