Joris Beerda - Gamification Expert

Joris Beerda

 Managing Director

Joris’ global career in creating engagement spans across 17 years, 15 countries and 7 languages. As one of the world-leading experts in Octalysis design he leads organizational growth and client implementation for the Octalysis Group. He is also an International Keynote speaker on Gamification with appearances in several renowned conferences.

As a high level diplomat in the Netherlands Foreign Service Joris was responsible for creating  creating innovative training and virtual engagement approaches with rebel groups, government soldiers, and public-private partnerships. His assignments led him to live and work in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Burundi, Congo, Cambodia, Germany, Laos, Pakistan, Rwanda, and Thailand. He also authored and coached the virtual training missions for the NATO mission in Afghanistan (ISAF).

He continued his engagement consulting services as Global Advisory Manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers,  working with the United Nations and the World Bank.

Prior to joining The Octalysis Group, Joris focused on the Human Resources Industry, implementing innovative ways for virtual, distance HR and Project Management methods worldwide. He resided in Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong, where he headed up large corporate entities.