A well-crafted loyalty program is an invaluable tool for customer retention and brand growth. Let us guide you on this transformative journey to create loyalty programs that not only meet your business goals but also build strong and lasting relationships with your customers. Together, we create loyalty programs that engage, reward, and inspire.

Step into a world where customer loyalty is more than just rewards – it’s about creating meaningful, engaging, and lasting relationships. Welcome to The Octalysis Group’s Loyalty Programs, where we leverage the power of gamification and behavioural design to revolutionize your customer retention strategies.

In our decade-long journey, we’ve observed and understood that the key to a successful loyalty program lies in recognizing and addressing the underlying human drives that influence customer behaviour. With the renowned Octalysis Framework at our disposal, we’ve dissected these drives and integrated them into our loyalty program designs, ensuring each interaction contributes to enhancing customer engagement and commitment to your brand.


The Octalysis Group loyalty programs increase your loyalty ROIs by a factor of 100.


Discover true loyalty with Octalysis loyalty design!

Our approach to loyalty programs extends beyond transactional rewards. We aim to foster emotional connections between your brand and your customers. Through our programs, your customers are not just participants, but they become advocates and ambassadors for your brand. We’ve seen impressive results: loyalty programs we’ve designed have seen up to a 175% increase in performance. These figures are a testament to the power of merging behavioural science with cutting-edge loyalty program design.

We don’t offer a one-size-fits-all solution; our loyalty programs are custom-tailored to your unique business objectives and customer base. We consider your brand’s individuality, the competitive landscape, and your customers’ needs to craft a loyalty program that’s unique, compelling, and effective.

Our Loyalty Programs extend to both physical and digital platforms, ensuring your customers stay connected and engaged wherever they are. We use a host of innovative gamified techniques, including points, badges, leaderboards, and more, to motivate and reward customers, building a sense of achievement and fostering loyalty.


Increase in LATAM Pass Credit Card acquisition compared to the control group


Increase in net revenue via accumulated miles during the campaing (the goal was 20%)


Positive NPS comments regarding look and feel of the experience, as well as the core gamified mechanics,