Health & wellbeing

The Octalysis Group is passionate about harnessing the power of behavioral science to make health and wellness engaging and achievable for all. Join us on this transformative journey to create a healthier and happier world, one step at a time. Together, let’s make health and wellness not just a goal, but a rewarding journey for everyone involved.

We believe that effective health and wellness programs should empower individuals to take control of their health. They should not only provide information but inspire change and adherence to positive behaviors.

Our unique blend of gamification and behavioral science can help create such transformative experiences in the health and wellness sector.

Drawing from our extensive expertise in the Octalysis Framework, we understand the core human drives that motivate individuals towards healthful habits. This insight allows us to design health and wellness programs that are not just informative, but truly engaging and inspiring.

MEDICATION ADHERENCE that works and saves lives

The Octalysis Group Health & Wellness designs empower users to become and stay healthy for life.

Build lasting healthy habits with our designs

A significant challenge in healthcare is medication adherence – patients following their prescribed medication routines. Non-adherence can lead to severe health complications and increased healthcare costs. Our gamified solutions target this problem head-on. We utilize motivational triggers to encourage adherence, turning what is often perceived as a chore into a more engaging, and even enjoyable activity.

For instance, we might integrate progress tracking and milestone rewards into a patient’s medication routine, fostering a sense of accomplishment and making adherence more appealing. These gamified elements are designed to motivate patients to maintain their medication routines consistently, thereby promoting better health outcomes.

Our health and wellness programs are holistic, encompassing various aspects like fitness, nutrition, mental health, and preventive care. Each program is uniquely tailored to your organization’s goals and the specific needs of your target audience.

Whether you are a healthcare provider looking to improve patient outcomes, a corporation aiming to enhance employee wellness, or a fitness brand wanting to boost customer engagement, we have got you covered!


Reduction in patients non adhering to their medication


Long Term Users that return to the experience on a daily basis and achieve health goals


Increase in Social Interaction in Communities and Heath Care Provider Networks