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Sergio Ligato

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“Be it physical or digital, there is no experience in the world that cannot be designed or redesigned to fully express its potential for engagement.

Gamification, someone says.”

Sergio is an Author, Speaker, and Designer with 20 years of experience in Gameful Learning & Educational Technology.

He is currently a Gamification Consultant for the Octalysis Group, and has helped a variety of companies improve their Human-Focused experiences, including HTC/VIVE, Good Empire, Sidekick Health, etc.

Prior to The Octalysis Group, Sergio spent 20 years empowering digital teaching and learning at Cnos-Fap, one of the largest vocational and training organizations in Italy. He designed hundreds of learning experiences for thousands of adults and teens to acquire skills in web development, cloud computing, and digitization. He participated as a speaker in multiple multi-day events such as Docenti Virtuali and Insegnanti 2.0, where he shared his insights on educational technology, and raising awareness about ways to get the most out of gamification and games in learning.

Sergio also collaborated with the top Italian gamification expert, Fabio Viola, to promote a human-focused design approach to engage audiences in tourism, arts, and retail. During this time, he helped Fabio create the Canvas Innovazione Culturale, which today is still one of the most popular innovation frameworks used in Italy.

Sergio is an author of three books, including Video di Classe (2017) on video in education; Tecnologie Didattiche L.0 (2017), a book on the free software movement; and Google Apps: Trucchi Fantastici e Dove Trovarli (2018), a book on cloud technology in education and work..

When he’s not designing dynamic game-economy spreadsheets or searching for new technologies to enhance learning, Sergio plays the guitar, soccer with friends, and enjoys the amazing food and places of his beloved country.

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