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Sabrina Bruehwiler

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Regions Impacted
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Do you wanna get up in the morning singing in joy? You are called to create, so let’s go on a quest to creativity & beyond.

Sabrina Bruehwiler is a Senior Gamification Designer and Consultant, specializing in fan and artist engagement regarding K-Pop, Global Expansion and Online Concerts.

Sabrina is an International Keynote Speaker on various issues such as Fan and Artist Engagement, Gender Diversity, Gamification, and HR Engagement. She has spoken at events such as The Service Desk & IT Support Show (SITS) in London, HR Gamification Day in Madrid, Gamefed hosted in Turkey, Gamification Europe 2017, and in the “Play” exhibition hosted by the Swiss Museum Stadtmuseum Aarau. She also became one of the five Steering Committee Members of Gamefed, the world’s largest community of gamification professionals.

Currently, Sabrina is creating a gamified community platform for Korean Artists and SMEs to engage with international audiences called Kpop World. As her personal interest, Sabrina has worked as a songwriter and musician writing songs within the top 10 of the Swiss Music Charts. She’s been the Lead singer for heavy metal bands such as Deep Sun, Eeriness and As Sanity Fades. She now creates under the singer/songwriter name Sabrina Sona and has collaborated with renowned producers/songwriters from South Korea and Los Angeles such as Leila Pari and Bandi.

Besides her music endeavors, Sabrina spearheaded Gamification and Human-Focused Design for companies such as Yahoo!/Verizon Media, Avon and Betty Bossy. She designed experiences to empower women worldwide to become entrepreneurial through her work with Avon and alongside Suzy Batiz, the Founder of Poo-Pourri and rated #77 on Forbes richest self-made women in America (2019).

Prior, Sabrina was the Founder of the creative agency User Adventure for over ten years, with clients such as Vodacom, Franke AG, Jet, and T-Systems. Sabrina holds a B.A. in Visual Communication from the Lucerne University. She later acquired an Executive MBA at the Kingston Business School and graduated #1 in her class with Distinction. Outside of her professional life, Sabrina is the published author of the book Buorre Mátki: Reise nach Sápmi, studies Korean and travels the world to visit the concerts of her favourite artists.

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