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Imagine what we could achieve as a society, when we can make things that are good to do more enjoyable.

Myrte is a Consultant on Gamification and Behavioral Design for The Octalysis Group, specialized in empathetic interactions and rewarding win-states for digital and analogue experiences.

While at the Octalysis Group, Myrte worked on redesigning the Microsoft Edge Browser, empowering hundreds of millions of user journeys on the web. She also played a key role in designing the credit card rewards system for DBS, the largest bank in Singapore with over $10 Billion under management.

Myrte is leading the reform of The Octalysis Group’s internal work culture, including having more enjoyable/productive meetings, collaborative learning processes, and reforming the Cultural DNA principles of the organization.

Concurrently, Myrte is also the Senior Engagement Manager for Yu-kai Chou’s gamified learning platform Octalysis Prime, where she defined a significant part of the user flow experience, community engagement, as well as the Octalysis Certification process. Myrte’s contribution to OP has led the platform to have a consistent engagement metric of 38% DAU/MAU (Daily Active Users/Monthly Active Users), with many members returning daily for more than three years.

Outside of Gamification and Engagement Design activities, Myrte enjoys growing her skills with others in the Toastmasters Apeldoorn club, where she was elected Vice President of Education just 3 months after joining. She can also dance in over a dozen styles including Tapdance, Ballroom, Salsa, Ballet, Jazz, and more. She also knows how to play the harp as well as speak 4 languages.

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