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Martín Villegas

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When you experience a good gamified experience, you will immediately notice the difference

Martín is a Gamification Designer of the Octalysis Group with over 8 years in Gamification, Media, and Industrial Innovation helping companies across America, Europe and Asia.
Martín has provided his unique contributions to a variety of projects, including a Web 3 Trading Platform, a Fast Food App, SonicJobs, a career finding company in the UK that raised over $7.5 Millionn and the Masked Singer, a show in the US that attracts 40 Million Viewers per season.
Martín is the only person in history that has won three Gamification Design Challenges within Octalysis Prime, Yu-kai Chou’s Premium Learning Community.
Martín has provided data-driven insights and analysis for some of the largest gaming titles in the world, including a game with over 350 Million registered players, a streaming platform with over 1.2 Billion Hours of Streaming per quarter, and also Mixer which was acquired by Facebook Gaming.
Martín is also an expert in Content Moderation/ Creation for the Social Media and Video Game Industry impacting popular games genres like MMORPGs and Battle Royales and popular High Fantasy Series on streaming platforms. His Youtube Gaming Analysis Channel has attracted over 300,000 views and 660,000 Minutes Watched.
Academically, Martín obtained a degree in Industrial Engineering in Colombia National University, the No. 1 ranked university in Colombia. He also received a diploma in Manufacturing and Operations and won various Innovation Rallies.
On his free time, Martín loves to play videogames, read cosmic horror, illustrate and play the guitar.

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