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The Netherlands

Joris Beerda

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Regions Impacted
Artificial Intelligence

A well crafted Gamification experience couples the power of behavioral science with the fun of gameful design.

It is at this nexus where the boring and mundane become the fun and engaging.

Joris Beerda is the Co-Founder and CEO of The Octalysis Group. As a world-leading expert in Human-Focused Design and Octalysis Gamification, Joris’ global career in creating engagement spans across 20 years, 15 countries and 7 languages.

He has designed Human-Focused experiences for dozens of Fortune 500s as well as medium sized companies. Joris is also a well known Keynote Speaker on Gamification in many renowned conferences throughout Europe, Asia, and Australia.

Early in his career, Joris was a high level diplomat in the Netherlands Foreign Service and was responsible for creating people-engagement in high-stress dangerous situations. Joris’ main successes were in creating an innovative peace group between machine-gun holding rebel groups, government soldiers, public-private partnerships and refugees. He also authored and coached the virtual training mission for the NATO mission in Afghanistan (ISAF).

In Joris’ work as a Global Advisory Manager for PricewaterhouseCoopers, he continued his engagement consulting services and pioneered an eight-figure project with the United Nations to achieve better engagement of the organization with its members and beneficiaries. Prior to joining The Octalysis Group, Joris focused on the Human Resources Industry, implementing innovative ways for virtual, distance HR and Project Management methods in Finance, Oil and Gas and IT. He resided in Indonesia, Singapore and Hong Kong, where he headed up large corporate entities.

Joris holds a Masters in International Relations and Economics from the University of Amsterdam (Top 15 in Europe), and an EMBA from the Kelley School of Business (#22 in the World).

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