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Han-fang Cheng

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We infuse humanity into user experience, creating products/services that are empathetic and engaging.

Han-fang Cheng is an Octalysis Group designer specializing in Digital Engagement and Gamified UI Design. She has helped a variety of international clients, including Microsoft, Remitly, DBS, and HTC VIVE in driving engagement and growth.

For HTC VIVE, Han-fang helped increase social media engagement by over 440% and pioneered the Top 100 VR Influencers Campaign, which had a reach of over 10 million audiences.

With her ability to conduct user research and analyze results, Han-fang helped Microsoft improve their Edge Browser experience for hundreds of millions of students.She also helped Remitly expand their service into Asia through regional feasibility research and consumer behavioral analysis.

Besides the Octalysis Group, Han-fang’s passion for user-centered design is also evident in her role as a Founding UX/UI Designer for the Web3 company Metablox, where she is working to preserve humanity’s most important memories through blockchain technology.

In 2022, Han-fang became a Finalist in the Octalysis Prime UX/UI Design Competition, the most credentialed competition hosted by Yu-kai Chou that demonstrates skill and application in the Octalysis Framework. Han-fang’s psychology major from National Chung Cheng University, a top university in Taiwan, also gives her a unique perspective on human behavior and motivation which she incorporates in her daily design work.

In 2017, Han-fang co-published alongside two Professors from NUTC the publication, “Efficiency Analysis of Asian REITs Using a Meta-Frontier Approach with Data Envelopment Analysis,” which she presented at the 22nd Asian Real Estate Society Annual Conference.
When she is not working, Han-fang enjoys taking care of her plants and documenting her journey on Instagram. She is passionate about creating a biophilic living environment and promoting the benefits of connecting with nature.

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