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Gamification provides structure against the chaos of daily life: gamified experiences provide rules, goals and learning paths that support users in tackling challenges and fulfilling their potential.

Albertine is an Octalysis Group designer, specialized in Gamification and Digital Engagement. She has designed and improved engagement for a variety of companies, including Quandoo (Europe’s largest restaurant reservation platform), Poo-pourri (US-based consumer essential oil fragrance company), BitDegree (blockchain-powered education platform), and Gaiago (community automobile-sharing service).

Prior to The Octalysis Group, Albertine helped the global UX/UI Consulting firm SQLI spearhead the development of a gamification platform focused on employee engagement and innovation management. Albertine also led and coordinated the partnership with GamEffective, a leading gamification solution company. Previously, she was the Marketing Project Manager at the PSB Business Club, a university-sponsored consulting company to help other French organizations with their strategy and market research. Prior to that, Albertine worked with MultiCAP Services to develop the Insertion Cohabitat project, creating housing and medical assistance for the handicapped.

Albertine studied her Bachelor’s degree in France and Malaysia, and is currently pursuing a Master’s degree in Design and Innovation in Management at the Paris Dauphine University, a top 50 university in the world.

When she is not creating engaging experiences for TOG clients, Albertine spends her time rock-climbing, grooming horses, exploring new cultures, and looking for new awesome boardgames and independent games for mandatory TOG fun and studies.

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