Victoria Pan is a gamification consultant and designer at the Octalysis Group who has worked with both Fortune 500 and startup companies worldwide. Her knowledge and experience in behavioral design and user engagement spans across many industries.

Victoria started her career as a software engineer for Cisco Systems where she built diagnostic interfaces to improve the productivity flow within the company. She also led front-end development at Design My Meals, a startup that focused on making meal planning delightful.

In addition to her experience designing engaging UX/UI, she has also spent more than five years as an educator. In that capacity, she witnessed a strong lack of engagement and motivation among students, which inspired her to become deeply immersed in the psychology and gamification of learning.

Victoria earned her B.S. at UCLA in Computer Science and Engineering and when she’s not designing and creating engaging apps or teaching, she enjoys biking, playing video games, building miniature models, and solving puzzle games.