Taime is an expert in Gamification and Experience Design with over 10 years of experience. Before joining The Octalysis Group, she directed a UX Strategy agency and lectured at Stenden University on Brand Strategy and Customer Experience design. She has made an impact on various international businesses from startup to NGOs to large corporate, including Agoda, BNP Paribas, and UNICEF.

Taime earned an Honours Bachelor of Science in Psychology from the University of Toronto. She initially started her career as a cognitive science researcher. Her insights into the human psyche give her an advantage in understanding motivations and designing highly engaging experiences.

On the sidelines, she has a passion for developing new creative products. She founded/co-founded a few startups over the years, including an app that connects youth in conservative countries with sex education experts, and a card game that explores the uniqueness of each Myers-Briggs personality type.