Simon is an expert in Gamification belonging to the ranks of the Octalysis Group. He has worked on different Gamification projects with clients around the world, such as Microsoft and APERAM.

His first steps into Gamification were purely academic, thanks to a research scholarship granted by Purdue University (USA). He focused his studies on discovering the specific correlations between different socio-economic variables and the different player types used in video games and in Gamification.

After finishing his research, he worked as a Gamification consultant and designer for different companies in Chile and Colombia, addressing sectors such as eCommerce, health care, manufacturing industry, and education.

He currently devotes his free time to add more languages to his knowledge list (composed of Spanish, English, French, German and a little Japanese), practicing Competitive Archery, playing the drums/piano and of course, playing video games, giving priority to being a Masters player in Overwatch