We Give Back and Support the Gaming Community

As Gamification experts, our job consists in taking away the most relevant, fun and engaging elements from games and apply them to real-world "boring" experiences. We found a reliable way of doing that with the Octalysis Framework and now we want to give back and support the gaming community because it is the foundation of our success and our passion.

We believe eSports is the next big thing, with the potential to having a much bigger economy than traditional sports due to the creative and strategic capacities, effort and passion of its players, but more importantly because video games are built in a variety of platforms that allow spectators to be more immerse in the game and also allow the rules to be updated thoroughly, making the in-game experience more balanced and enjoyable with every update.

We found out that as Gamification consultants, being able to see behind the scenes and watch the very best pro players train and strategize helps us improve our design skills for clients and stand out as the best Gamification company in the world.

Meet Team Octalysis

Team Octalysis has 5 amazingly hard-working players, a great team manager, a coach/game analyst, and media members – all there to support competitive play at the highest levels, engage the fans, and spread a little bit of Octalysis love.

Team Octalysis is officially competing in the HGC, where eight teams in each of four regions compete every week to qualify for international tournaments and a shot at a world championship.
Every weekend, you can tune in on or the HGC Website to watch their competitions, support Team Octalysis, and muse over obviously less talented teams fighting each other.