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We don’t just implement digital solutions. We transform digital experiences.

Let us help you craft a transformative journey to revolutionize your business operations and create digital experiences that users love.

Together, let’s make digital business transformation a rewarding and engaging journey for everyone involved.

Digital Transformation initiatives aren’t just about the adoption of new technology, fundamentally, they’re also about a shift in mindset and culture.

At The Octalysis Group, we understand that for a digital transformation to be successful, it needs to be human-focused. It’s about creating digital experiences that are intuitive, engaging, and add value to the user.

We leverage the power of gamification and behavioral science to guide businesses through this complex transition. By applying the Octalysis Framework, we gain insights into what truly drives human motivation. Insights that can help you motivate users to adopt and interact with digital technology.

The Octalysis Framework

Our digital transformation strategies are based on a single science-backed framework: Octalysis The Octalysis Framework provides a groundbreaking approach to gamification. Its Eight Core Drives are used to analyze human motivation through various lenses

These Core Drives influence your employees’ and customers’ actions. So by understanding them, The Octalysis Group creates highly engaging experiences that lead to successful digital transformations.

Together, we leverage human-focused design to improve efficiency and productivity in your organization.

Learn more about our digital transformation framework here.

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The Octalysis Group crafts a transformative journey to revolutionize your business operations. Become a digitally transformed company with us.

Together. Digitally. Smarter.

A crucial challenge in digital transformation is user adoption and engagement. New technologies can seem daunting, and resistance to change is a common obstacle. We tackle this head-on with our unique approach: the Octalysis Change Management Engine..

We gamify the adoption process, making it engaging and rewarding. By introducing elements like progress tracking, achievement milestones, and interactive learning, the transition to digital becomes less daunting. In fact, it even becomes an enjoyable endeavor.

Our digital transformation services extend to various areas, including digitizing customer journeys, implementing digital workplaces, and creating digital products.

Do you own a small business looking to digitize operations? Or perhaps you run a large enterprise aiming to implement a digital-first approach? Whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. We have solutions that match your needs.

The results speak for themselves. Our digital transformation projects have resulted in the following [x]:

  • improved operational efficiency;
  • increased customer engagement;
  • and significant revenue growth.

But the impact goes beyond metrics. Companies we’ve partnered with have reported strongly improved brand satisfaction, increased employee productivity, and a stronger market presence. Let us be your digital transformation consultant.


The digital transformation efforts we undertake are tailored to the organization’s unique context and goals. We always consider your company’s size, industry, existing digital maturity, and future aspirations.


Adding incentives and engaging experiences encourages patients to adopt better health and lifestyle decisions. Octalysis incorporates game-playing elements to generate intrinsic motivation in your patients/customers.

An example is non-adherence to medications, which can have severe and costly consequences. We address this problem head-on with our gamified digital transformation solutions, featuring storylines/narratives, role play, badges, etc. These elements reinforce motivation, making sticking to a program enjoyable rather than stressful.

Learn how gamification can support preventative healthcare solutions


The financial sector is well suited for gamification–from bolstering employee engagement to improving customer experiences. For banks, this digital transformation could signify an increase annual revenue and average deal size. The Octalysis Group has also seen it improve lead closure rate and time.

With our help, the Brazilian banking institution Caixa switched to a more diverse reward system for its employees. By turning routine tasks into something fun, the company created a happy workforce. This contributed to a 49% net income increase in just six months.

Find out how gamification helped Caixa become the best bank in Brazil (A CASE STUDY).


Many companies see the advantage of moving towards a digital tech stack. Adopting new solutions and integrating them are two different things. For the latter, employee engagement is crucial.

Microsoft Azure boasts an impressive learning depository with over 5 million documents. In theory, employees are well-supported in this way. But interacting with it can be cumbersome for them.

Through gamification, the company saw high learning completion rates and high journey progress. High performers were given the role of community leaders, too.

Learn how to transform learning like Azure did here. (A CASE STUDY)


Embracing digital innovations doesn’t need to be a daunting experience for your employees. And you don’t have to hold your digital capabilities back for fear of underwhelming customers.

Gamification is the new age-solution to improving:

  • Products and services
  • User experience
  • Customer service
  • Transitioning from legacy systems
  • And so much more

The Octalysis Group specializes in creating digital transformation journeys that leave a positive impact on everyone involved.


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