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Was ist Gamification? Und was ist es nicht?

Was ist Gamification? Und was ist es nicht? thumbnail

eSports and Octalysis Gamification: a great match!

eSports are a Big Item Big business is increasingly interested in eSports. Companies like Daimler Benz and others sign million dollar contracts to sponsor eSports teams. The Octalysis Group likewise passionately sponsors Team Octalysis ( in Heroes of the Storm. eSports are video games competitions...

Octalysis Licensing Model Success: the Navo Orbico Case

The Octalysis Group is known for its successful Gamification projects in Employee Gamification as well as Product Gamification. Client and peer recognition of the value we bring means a lot to us, but we also want to share the value that our Licensing model brings...

How Rebel Soldiers Created my Octalysis Journey

It was clear that the young rebel fighter did not know what to make of us. Our car must have seemed such easy prey. A white SUV without a military escort. All alone in the Chittagong Hill Tracts in Bangladesh. A peace accord had been...

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