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Was ist Gamification? Und was ist es nicht?

Was ist Gamification? Und was ist es nicht? thumbnail

Big Gamification in a Big Data World

We have highlighted the high need for much higher user engagement again and again. And this need for engagement has not changed in any way. How do we know? The numbers don’t lie. User engagement is still low. For example, did you know that a...

Guiding Consumer Motivation for the Greater Good

Guiding Consumer Motivation Most people want to feel like a hero and contribute to a greater good, something bigger than themselves that provides meaning. But many lose heart when that comes at a cost. What if I told you that you can do something good...

6 Mistakes of Products that Fail to Engage Users

With technology advancing faster than ever, anybody can launch a new product. There are now thousands of apps launched daily, but most of them fail. The most common cause of this failure is product limbo: the product works but fails to engage users. At The...

The Ultimate Guide to the REMOTE Workplace: ENJOYMENT

REMOTE Step 6: Gamify tasks and activities to offset the loneliness of remote isolation and entertainment distractions In our previous episode, on Teamplay, we detailed how to create a Remote Workplace that facilitates team activities to generate mutual understanding, bonding and that highlights strengths and...

Maximise employee engagement by promoting Fun at Work (2/2)

Fun has officially entered the realm of work. More and more businesses are harnessing the powers of fun at work to increase employee engagement, productivity, job satisfaction and much more. In the first article of this series, we identified the many business benefits of creating...

The Ultimate Guide to REMOTE Work Series: TEAMPLAY

REMOTE Step 5: Design small team activities for team members to understand each others’ strengths and tendencies during “flow.” In our previous episode (on Openness) we delved into Remote Work setup design that promotes openness and vulnerability to create trust between team members and informational...

The Ultimate Guide to Remote Work Series: OPENNESS

REMOTE Step 4: Encourage openness and vulnerability to create trust between team members and informational transparency   In REMOTE, Tools, Culture and Triggers are mainstreamed in all 6 Steps as mutually empowering agents. Without Tools there is no ability to act. Without Culture there is...

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