Porsche – Volkswagen Group

Porsche – Volkswagen Group

Challenge: Create a truly engaging loyalty for the Car Manufacturing Industry


Gamification in the car Industry: take your loyalty for a ride

Volkswagen Group/Porsche Motors teamed up with The Octalysis Group to create a completely new way to engage their customers in a fully gamified journey. We needed to show that driving your car can be fun, and rewarding. To separate the ‘old way of driving’ from the new and exciting Volkswagen experience. 

Using several features like “Carvatars” (digital representations of users inside the app), loot boxes, and many others we managed to completely re-invent the way customers experience their day-to-day activities in their cars. 

Things to collect also give users strategic advantages. And there is more. The deep user engagement happens when we focus on creativity, strategy, social interaction, and unpredictability.

We used Map Secrets to engender unpredictability and curiosity. After doing a few drives, users got introduced to the social aspects of the experience. By interacting with other users on the map, and seeing how they are doing, they can participate in the monthly Occupy! Challenge. This is achieved by driving through an area more than others for a week and occupying it for a month. Occupation gives users extra rewards and status.


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Ready to be rolled out to 90 million customers worldwide

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Successfully launched by Porsche: users spent 4.5 minutes daily in app

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Innovative loyalty program app that is connected to the car – driving yields immediate rewards

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Works with AUDI, Porsche, Skoda, Seat, VW, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini

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Gamification design that incentivizes daily interaction

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Complex and in-depth in-app economy system

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Innovative high ROI Community Design

Yu-kai Chou’s Octalysis framework unveiled an amazing Gamification vision that is far beyond points, badges and leaderboards […] The new reward and loyalty program has been hailed as one of the 6 key initiatives for the digital future of the Volkswagen Group.

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