Challenge: Build an engaging Metaverse experience on the blockchain

Gamification in the Metaverse: introducing human-focused design for Web 3.0

“The invention of the internet gave humanity hope and a promise. It promised deeper connections between individuals across the world.

Despite increasingly better technology with more ways to connect, more people are feeling socially isolated, and devoid of meaning than ever.

This is TOTEM’s offering; a gateway for us to co-create a network that we can all trust, a basecamp to build a metaverse for us, by us. “

Meaningful sentences taken from the TOTEM Whitepaper: one of the top Metaverse projects. It is a Web3 platform that is inclusive and decentralized at the same time.

It has received raving reviews from community members and influencers alike. Part of its core design was modeled on Octalysis and the Framework has been mainstreamed throughout the design of the project: from Whitepaper to DAO to Tokenomics to the UX design.


1. achievment

Innovative Whitepaper Design

2. achievment

Evolved DAO Design

3. achievment

Intelligent Octalysis Tokenomics

4. achievment

A fully gamified UX

We are very satisfied with the professionalism and passion of the Octalysis team and they have changed our views on engagement and user motivational design. Octalysis Group both lead and supported our needs with complete follow-through.” Daniel Hanks, Founder and CEO.
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