Challenge: Reduce the number of insurance claims due to unsafe driving

Gamification in Insurance: make driving safe with Octalysis design

Distracted drivers are a main cause of accidents. And accidents lead to high insurance claims for insurance companies.

46% of drivers make phone calls while driving. 55% of adults and 73% of young drivers also text while driving.

The Octalysis Group teamed up with one of one of the leading insurance companies (VIS) to design a driving experience that is both rewarding and safe. The name of the new app: Ökuvísir.

Ökuvísir rewards customers for good driving or for driving less (two main elements that reduce accidents and insurance claims). When users drive they get a behavior score based on their performance on five risky behaviors: speeding, acceleration, braking, swerving, and phone use.

Good driving behavior leads to getting discounts on your insurance premiums, so there is a direct financial benefit for drivers to maintain a positive driving score.

The app engages people well beyond just standard Gamification design and gives users agency and a fun community experience. In addition, the art design is fun as well.


1. achievment

60% improvement in drivers driving score (within 3 months)

2. achievment

App of the Year (2021)

3. achievment

Technology Solution of the Year (2021)

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