Challenge: make sales fun and increase stagnating sales numbers


Gamification for Corporate Sales: the fun way to do your KPIs and close deals

Navo Orbico, a major distributor of Procter & Gamble, was looking for an innovative way to engage its workforce in a bid to prevent churn, increase sales, and employee satisfaction.

The Octalysis Group created a fully gamified experience layer on top of their legacy systems. Our research showed the employees were interested in the Baltic sea and old school port traders. We used that knowledge to create an 18th-century trading city theme.

Sales Reps take the role of savvy sailors and enter this world filled with quests and adventures, where clients become colonies with whom they can trade. Employees can also upgrade their ships, level up their skills, interact with other colleagues in the Tavern, and many more Role-playing activities.


This Project won an award for Best Gamification Project.

Octalysis Gamification Behavioral science sales


1. achievment

28.5% sales growth

2. achievment

59% training and Sales KPIs increase

3. achievment

300% increase in Social Interaction

4. achievment

99.7% Enrollment

5. achievment

Awarded Best Gamification Project 2017

“Working with The Octalysis Group opened our eyes to what is possible when you create a fun and engaging experience around work.”

Sales Director