Challenge: Make Microsoft’s Learn platform fun and engaging


Gamification for Training: going from boring to exciting

Even world-leading software companies like Microsoft are jumping on the train of Human-focused design and Gamification to create powerful user engagement. The way we learn and adapt to new technologies is changing. We are no longer stuck with the same boring methods that have been constantly used in the past centuries.

With the help of The Octalysis Group, the Azure team at Microsoft created a brand new learning platform that tackles the right gamified features to motivate and engage its users in compelling learning journeys.

The system tracks and rewards the effort and effectiveness of every person’s learning journey with a set of unique achievement symbols and status points (game techniques #1 and #2 in Octalysis).

These are the basis for what later becomes a much more intrinsic, White Hat experience.


1. achievment

Visually rewarding Win-States after every knowledge check

2. achievment

Interactive UI that allows users to track their progress and set goals

3. achievment

Easier ways to identify and reward high-performing users

4. achievment

Cross-platform stats that build-up to the user’s achievements

We enjoyed the great partnership with Octalysis. We laid out a 3-year roadmap with lots of intriguing features to motivate users intrinsically and extrinsically.

Senior PM of Microsoft Learn & Azure