How we improved eBay with product gamification

eBay is one of the most successful gamified e-commerce platforms in the world. The company found that the key to its success was the ability for buyers to find niche items that are unavailable on other e-commerce sites.

However, eBay is an online marketplace with Consumer-to-Consumer niche sellers often without a professional marketing and sales background. This led to bad buying experiences that deterred some buyers from further shopping on the platform, thus affecting the companyโ€™s bottom line.

The Seller Dashboard

To improve the buying experience, the sellerโ€™s quality of service needed to increase. The Octalysis Group provided a solution by designing an engaging Dashboard for new sellers. The New Seller Dashboard gives feedback on how the seller is performing by showing where they stand in a tiered system.

Sellers care about their reputations and depend on positive reviews to increase their sales (Core Drive 4: Ownership and Possession). However, increasing Core Drive 5: Social Influence and Relatedness, a Right Brain (Intrinsic) motivator, helps push the user to focus on elevating the quality of service they give to their buyers. The dashboard elicits this awareness and motivation by reporting information regarding buyer feedback, reviews, and other transaction related data.

Another Intrinsic Motivator, Core Drive 3: Empowerment of Creativity and Feedback, comes into play as well. The informative immediate feedback provided by the dashboard empowers sellers to discover, test, and apply marketing and sales strategies to improve the experience between buyer and seller. In return for high quality service, sellers move up in the tiered system, where they feel a sense of accomplishment and status (Core Drive 2: Development and Accomplishment), and receive better rewards and boosters to further improve their selling experience.


With this new interactive experience, eBay was able to lower poor buying experiences and improve their bottom line.