caixa Econômica Federal

CAIXA’s venture into Gamification, supported by the Octalysis Framework, was on the verge of triggering a remarkable transformation in its trajectory.

Despite its undeniable track record of success in Latin America’s banking and financial sector, CAIXA was determined to further boost its sales.

The goal was to increase profits from R$ 8.6 billion to R$ 9 billion (a 5% increase) compared to the previous year.

CAIXA went from #2 bank to #1 bank within a year.


CAIXA’s groundbreaking gamification initiative, implemented by Funifier on Octalysis, brought a profound transformation in the organization’s trajectory. Our journey went from the initial challenge to the successful execution of a gamified sales strategy, showcasing how an innovative approach rooted in understanding human motivation can elevate an institution’s performance in unprecedented ways. The project was implemented company wide over 4 department in a record breaking 3 months.

  • Over 77,000 employees across 4,500 branches participated in the gamified experience, serving 88 million customers.
  • Gamification at CAIXA boosted employee engagement from an average of 10% to an astonishing 92.61%, resulting in 150,000+ prize redemptions and 7 million website visits.
  • Their initial goal of a 5% increase in annual sales was surpassed, achieving a remarkable 49% increase in just six months. This resulted in an additional USD 1 billion in revenue for the bank.
  • In the following year (2019), CAIXA continued with this gamified system and further increased its net income from R$ 12.7 billion to R$ 14.7 billion.
  • CAIXA distributed more than 1.5 million instant reward cards and collectible pieces, leading to 150,000+ prize redemptions. 153%

FRom second place to #1 bank in Brazil

CAIXA’s groundbreaking use of gamification, guided by Octalysis, not only exceeded sales targets but also drove a remarkable surge in employee engagement, propelling them to become the leading public bank in Brazil and significantly boosting their revenue.


To empower the bank’s sales force to surpass their sales goals, CAIXA decided to create an enjoyable and motivating experience that would turn their routine into something fun.

They recognized that happy and motivated employees would perform their jobs more diligently, directly impacting the bank’s sales.

CAIXA wanted a fresh approach, something that would break the mold of previous attempts with generic gamification platforms that had fallen short.

That’s where the Octalysis Framework did its magic, to design a gamified experience with a focus on understanding human motivation and emotional triggers.

In the analysis phase, the team reviewed its business metrics and conducted an in-depth study of the motivational profile of its sales force, identifying different Player Types.

Next, they identified the Desired Actions employees needed to take to achieve (and exceed) the annual sales objectives.

In the ideation phase, extensive Brainstorming sessions generated a combination of Octalysis Game Techniques that would maximize CAIXA’s desired results, including:

  • Collection Sets
  • Virtual Goods
  • Group Quests
  • Milestone Unlock

The project was named “Tamo Junto 9Bi+” (Together We Reach 9Bi+), emphasizing unity and cooperation over competition.

We created a system where achieving individual goals resulted in small instant rewards or collectible pieces, which, when combined, unlocked larger rewards. This instilled a sense of common purpose and engagement among the employees.

The CAIXA project also featured a carefully curated selection of rewards to cater to various motivational preferences among employees.

The CAIXA project’s diverse reward system, ranging from immediate incentives like headphones to grand prizes such as trips and cars, played a crucial role in maintaining employee engagement and motivation.

This system harnessed intrinsic motivators, like unpredictability and social recognition, by promoting the collection and exchange of reward pieces, fostering healthy competition and individual choice.

By addressing both extrinsic and intrinsic motivations, CAIXA’s gamified approach effectively appealed to key aspects of human behavior, ensuring an enjoyable and effective sales experience for employees.


Net income increase in just six months


In annual revenue increase for the bank


In employee engagement with around 77.000 participants