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What is Gamification? And what is not.

What is Gamification? And what is not. thumbnail

Gamification in business: India leading in Asia?

India is a land of games. It gave the world games like chess, polo, snakes and ladders and many other global games.  So it should come as no surprise that the country is again taking the lead in Asia when it comes to business gamification....

Octalysis Gamification: Top four metaverses in 2022

If you are into the exciting world of emerging Web 3 technologies, blockchains and DAOs, then you are familiar with the word ‘metaverse’. If not, then at least you became aware of it when you heard that Facebook was changing its name to Meta and...

Explicit versus Implicit Gamification: 5 lessons

Gamification is a major buzzword in the creative and design spaces of today’s world. However, despite every designer and project manager constantly going on about it, few understand the driving philosophy behind it. Contrary to popular opinion, it does not mean getting customers and employees...

Metaverse and Gamification: Top 4 projects in 2022

What if the universe was designed just for us? What would it look like? How would a well designed metaverse apply gamification? For decades, designers have been trying to answer this question with their designs and creations but have mainly failed. Only the arrival of...

Why Loyalty Programs need to know this.

Gamification is one of the fastest-growing buzzwords when companies think of designing their Loyalty Programs. Business owners know that it is likely the best ways to increase user engagement for their product. This is because of the fundamentals of gamification, which is based on the...

Metaverse Design: 3 Key Lessons for Community-Building

Do you remember when Facebook was just a college-only network? A tight-knit audience of young scholars could effortlessly connect with their classmates and find other students at their school with similar interests. Everyone shared some communal values. A sense of belonging. In today’s Facebook world,...

Designing the Metaverse: Community Engagement

Remember the promise of the internet? A promise that it foretold of a world where people could effortlessly access infinite amounts of information? Where people could forge deeper connections from anywhere at any time. And where people could be totally free and unfettered in a...

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