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What is Gamification? And what is not.

What is Gamification? And what is not. thumbnail

Octalysis: the Gamification Framework backed by Science

Most people have heard of The Octalysis Framework: the groundbreaking Gamification Framework that explains human motivation at its core. But did you know that Octalysis is also based on a strong foundation in behavioral and neurological science? In fact, The Octalysis Framework is the only...

Octalysis and Funifier: an ideal partnership?

  For over a decade The Octalysis Group has been recognized as a worldwide leader in Gamification and Behavioral Science design. By implementing Octalysis, clients can finally achieve the high user engagement ROIs that were eluding them in the past.  The key to our success...

The 3 Rules for Community User Engagement Success

Are you one of those Facebook or Instagram lurkers, always scrolling but never posting? Don’t worry, you are not the only victim of a lack of community engagement design! On pretty much any given social network or online community, 95% of users are “stalkers” while the...

4 Easy Strategies to Maximize Community Engagement

  If you were the only person on the planet, would you care about your appearance? Would you care about taking pictures? Would you show food images to Facebook or Instagram if there were no other people with an account? In other words, how relevant...

Digital Healthcare: Preventative Health through Gamification

If there’s anything we’ve learned from COVID-19, it’s the importance of healthcare. COVID has further emphasized the prevalent and indispensable role of technology in our lives. From traditional classes to online learning, and eating in restaurants to food delivery apps, it’s no wonder that digital...

Pro Tips to Supercharge Online Learning

Training presentations can be dull events. You try hard to be engaged with the barrage of slides that pass in front of you. But you just can’t keep your eyes open. It’s just too linear. Not engaging enough. Despite the efforts of your teacher. Now...

Big Gamification in a Big Data World

We have highlighted the high need for much higher user engagement again and again. And this need for engagement has not changed in any way. How do we know? The numbers don’t lie. User engagement is still low. For example, did you know that a...

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