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What is Gamification? And what is not.

What is Gamification? And what is not. thumbnail

Best Customer Satisfaction Examples with Gamification

How do you satisfy your customers? Many companies still focus on the wrong thing. They try to create the best product possible, but neglect the fact that it is the customer experience that supercharges customer satisfaction. Building stunning customer experiences – that’s how businesses win...

The ULTIMATE Octalysis Guide to Remote Work

Part 1: How the Octalysis Group succeeds in working across the world   Virtually Happy Ever After The Octalysis Group prides itself on being a fully virtual workplace. We have no office. No physical place where my colleagues and I meet. The internet is our...

Find out how Epic Meaning can super charge your employees

Create a higher meaning for employees When employees buy into higher meaning, they will work harder and be happier. We’ve previously written about how to manage various employee types, and how to retain employees through workplace gamification.   We’ve even created successful employee motivation designs for existing...

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