Have you ever learned something online? If so, you are part of a massive community of people that have done so in the past through Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs). Millions of people have enrolled in these MOOCs. Unfortunately, only 10-15% of all users see their courses through to completion.

The problem with MOOCs is that much of these self-paced courses are primarily predicated on the instructors’ unique knowledge, research, and experience. But it takes smart gamification design to maximize engagement. Such motivational design is particularly important for MOOCs, where most existing design is linear and feels more like work rather than fun learning.

BitDegree is the world’s first blockchain-powered MOOC platform. It rewards users with cryptocurrency for successful completion of its courses. Such positive reinforcement very much aligns with basic tenets of gamification design. It approached The Octalysis Group to help them create high engagement.

The goal was to improve course completions so that Bitdegree would become an MOOC engagement leader.

Bitdegree improves course completions by 350%


BitDegree is now miles ahead of all MOOC platforms in the industry.
We helped them clearly define the purpose for each gamification element used, by introducing them to the behavioral science of core drives and motivational design. As such, they were able to incorporate gamified elements with much more intention and calculation. Ultimately, the success of this (and any education) platform is predicated on its adherence to human-focused design. The more you hone in on your audience, the easier it is to mold the platform and its gamified features to their core drives. 

And the results?

  • 350% increase in Course Completions
  • 400% increase in returning users and users taking multiple courses
  • 300% increase in spent time on the platform

Bitdegree success with Octalysis




Bitdegree’s groundbreaking Octalysis design created a user journey that has the

highest User Metrics in the industry. 

As users progress through our gamified learning path, they are met with different objectives. For example, users start where we want, encounter exercises and assessments when we want, and are credited with cryptocurrency and/or certificates, accordingly.

We measured user engagement between two groups. 

Group 1 begins their customer journey through our gamified onboarding path.

Group 2 can be seen as the control group. These users enter BitDegree and go directly to the list of courses, without experiencing our full, intended user journey

The verdict

User engagement was significantly higher in Group 1

Group 1 successfully completed courses 300% faster

Group 1 users completed 350% more courses


Increase in

Course Completions



in returning users


increase in

spent time on the platform