Revolutionizing Learning with Octalysis Gamification: BitDegree

Revolutionizing Learning with Octalysis Gamification: BitDegree

BitDegree‘s recent launch of a new learning model, designed upon earlier collaboration with The Octalysis Group and based on Yu-kai Chou’s Octalysis Framework, marks a significant milestone in the realm of educational platforms. The Bitdegre innovative approach was showcased at the Web Summit in Lisbon, where the gamified “Learn-to-Earn” experience received enthusiastic responses, previewing the upcoming Web3 Exam​​.

BitDegree’s implementation of the Octalysis Framework is not a first-time endeavor but a continued commitment to utilizing this proven, science-based gamification method. This method focuses on creating engaging user journeys in digital experiences, tapping into underlying motivations like competitiveness, knowledge acquisition, and self-expression. It encourages users to explore new concepts and earn rewards, opening doors to unexplored avenues of Web3 and gamification​​.

The excitement around this initiative was palpable at the Web Summit, where participants eagerly engaged in the “Learn-to-Earn” experience, offering a glimpse of the innovative Web3 Exam. BitDegree proudly introduced this exam as the world’s first in the realm of Web3, designed to guide newcomers through their first steps in Web3 and allow advanced users to demonstrate their expertise. All participants in this unique gamified experience receive a free NFT certificate of completion, with the added incentive of a chance to share in a $150K prize pool sponsored by industry leaders like Ledger and Unstoppable Domains​​.

The collaboration between The Octalysis Group and BitDegree highlights the power of the Octalysis Framework in designing an educational platform that led to a 400% increase in course completions. This case study exemplifies how gamification, when expertly applied, can transform the learning experience, making it more engaging, rewarding, and effective. Have a read and let us know what you think!

The success of BitDegree’s new learning model showcases the potential of gamification in educational settings and serves as an inspiration for other platforms looking to enhance learner engagement and achievement. The Octalysis Group specializes in designing and developing high impact user journeys.


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