Yu-kai Chou and Joris Beerda Appointed Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts

Yu-kai Chou and Joris Beerda Appointed Fellows of the Royal Society of Arts

It’s not every day that we have the opportunity to celebrate milestones that encapsulate the positive spirit of innovative thinking and action. Today, we applaud the recognition of Yu-kai Chou and Joris Beerda, co-founders of The Octalysis Group, who have recently been designated Fellows in the Royal Society of Arts (RSA).

The Royal Society of Arts

The RSA, an organization with a rich, 270-year British history, has been a cornerstone for intellectual discourse and creative initiative. It serves as a platform for a global network of individuals dedicated to fostering sustainable progress for our world.

Being named a Fellow of the RSA marks an acknowledgment of significant contributions within their domains. This distinction is particularly meaningful to Yu-kai and Joris, as it aligns with the vision that sparked The Octalysis Group ten years ago – to use enjoyment as a tool to make critical tasks more engaging, and fun tasks more productive.

The lineage of RSA Fellows is marked with luminaries such as Stephen Hawking, Charles Dickens, Karl Marx, Benjamin Franklin, and Adam Smith. These historical figures have significantly shaped societal perspectives and norms through their original ideas. Joining this esteemed fellowship both humbles and highlights the work of Yu-kai and Joris.

Relevance for Octalysis

The Octalysis framework, Yu-kai Chou’s innovative and science-based methodology for human-focused design and gamification, has provided a fresh perspective on merging productivity with enjoyment. This approach has encouraged global entities, governments and individuals to rethink their strategies and routines, integrating joy into productive activities.

The recognition by the RSA reinforces the relevance and impact of their work. For Yu-kai and Joris, this recognition is not a finish line but a stepping-stone to continue their efforts. They are dedicated to using this acknowledgment as a medium to inspire further positive change in society, maintaining their pursuit of a more engaging and efficient world.

Yu-kai Chou and Joris Beerda’s fellowship with the RSA stands as a marker of their innovative thinking and dedication. It exemplifies how the Octalysis framework has been a positive influence worldwide. Their journey illustrates how the fusion of passion and purpose can create a substantial force for change.

Let’s recognize this significant accomplishment and eagerly anticipate the further positive changes they will continue to inspire.

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