HarvardXR 2023 Masterclass from Yu-kai Chou on the Future of the Metaverse, Web3, and Gamification

HarvardXR 2023 Masterclass from Yu-kai Chou on the Future of the Metaverse, Web3, and Gamification

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World-renowned gamification leader, Yu-kai Chou, shared a delightful blend of knowledge, experience, and insightful speculation at the highly-respected HarvardXR 2023 event held in April. Known globally as the Founding Partner of The Octalysis Group and the innovative mind behind the Octalysis Framework, Chou kept the audience rapt as he navigated the thrilling convergence of Metaverse (immersion), Web3 (value), and Gamification (engagement).

With a gamification career dating back to 2003, Chou’s tireless exploration of the field has been acknowledged with the highly coveted title of “#1 Gamification Guru” by the likes of Rise, Gamification World Congress, and Gamified Europe. This recognition serves as a testament to his sustained contribution to the industry.

Chou’s extensive professional background reads like a tour of the digital landscape’s most exciting terrains. He has made notable contributions as Chief Experience Officer for Decentral in Toronto, collaborating with Ethereum Co-founder Anthony Di Iorio. His involvement with various blockchain projects, including Metablox.co, Web3 Ventures, and Bloomverse, has equipped him with a deep understanding of Web3, the decentralized web powered by Blockchain Technology.

His odyssey into the Metaverse began in 2006, with the establishment of Future Delivery, a virtual world company. Later roles with HTC, as Head of Creative Labs and Head of Digital Commerce, found Chou instrumental in launching the VIVE Focus 3, VIVE Flow, and VIVERSE.

Adding being a published author to his impressive resume, Chou’s debut book, “Actionable Gamification – Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboards,” has achieved worldwide success, selling over 100,000 copies. His dedication to education extends beyond authorship, with the hosting of a monthly Metablox Webinar, engaging communities in discourse on these trailblazing technologies.

From England to Korea, Chou’s impact on gamification has earned global admiration. Recognition includes his induction as a Fellow for the Royal Society of Arts and a knighthood from His Imperial Highness King Yi Seok, the sole heir to the Joseon dynasty throne in Korea. He continues to serve as a Committee Member of the Smart City Council of Taipei.

Chou’s participation in HarvardXR 2023 embodies The Octalysis Group’s commitment to exploring the fascinating intersection of the Metaverse, Web3, and Gamification. To join them on this exciting journey, visit www.octalysisgroup.com.

About The Octalysis Group

The brainchild of Yu-kai Chou and Joris Beerda, The Octalysis Group, established in 2012, is an internationally recognised beacon in Gamification Solutions and Behavioural Design. They employ gamification strategies to support businesses, governments, and organisations in creating compelling engagement experiences for users, customers, and citizens.

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