Yu-kai Chou interview with PapaFear Gaming VR on Metaverse and Web3

Yu-kai Chou interview with PapaFear Gaming VR on Metaverse and Web3

Metaverse, Web3, and VR Influencers for HTC VIVE

As you may be familiar, one of The Octalysis Group’s long-term partners/clients is the proud and prestigious HTC, who is a leading pioneer in a variety of technologies, including: Mobile Phones, VR, 5G, and Metaverse.

As a former contracting Chief Experience Officer with the Cofounder of Ethereum Anthony Di Iorio as well as former contracting Head of Creative Labs/Digital Commerce for HTC, our Founding Partner Yu-kai Chou has had a lot of experience and exploration into the upcoming Metaverse.

Yu-kai even dabbled into his own Web 3 gamification platform Metablox.co (which allows people to own digital real estate that represents real world locations and level them up with real world locations) to learn relevant knowledge for the coming future.

In behalf of HTC VIVE, here Yu-kai interviews one of the most influential Youtubers in VR and Gaming – PapaFearGaming VR!

PapaFearGaming not only is edging towards a million Subscribers on Youtube, he actually had another previous channel that had over a million Subscribers.

Watch as he explores what ‌the future of the Metaverse is (as well as the VIVERSE), Web3 and VR/AR with Yu-kai Chou.

Check out an older interview between Yu-kai and PapaFear earlier!

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