TOTEM: how to build a Metaverse with Octalysis Gamification

The Octalysis Group has been a leading design partner for many Metaverse companies. All metaverses need Gamification in order to create a user journey brings people back to the experience over and over again. Too many metaverses are boring, besides from the play to earn variety. Yu-kai Chou’s book Actionable Gamification is the #1 read for many people in this space not for nothing.

The TOTEM Metaverse founders reached out to us to help them supercharge the TOTEM Metaverse citizen journey. In simple words: help us build an engaging Metaverse experience on the blockchain.



TOTEM is more than just a place where you can stake crypto or buy NFTs: it aims to change the world as we know it.

“The invention of the internet gave humanity hope and a promise. It promised deeper connections between individuals across the world. Despite increasingly better technology with more ways to connect, more people are feeling socially isolated, and devoid of meaning than ever.  This is TOTEM’s offering; a gateway for us to co-create a network that we can all trust, a basecamp to build a metaverse for us, by us. “

Meaningful sentences taken from the TOTEM Whitepaper: one of the top Metaverse projects. It is a Web3 platform that is inclusive and decentralized at the same time. 

Even though this Metaverse is still in its Beta phase, TOTEM has received raving reviews from community members and influencers alike. Part of its core design was modeled on Octalysis and the Framework has been mainstreamed throughout the design of the project: from Whitepaper to DAO to Tokenomics to the UX design. 


Octalysis Cooperation with TOTEM

Our cooperation with TOTEM shows that application of Octalysis is by no means limited to designing a powerful UX journey for users. It goes much further:

  • Innovative Whitepaper Design

Successful Metaverse communities are key for successful Metaverses.Yet most blockchain Whitepapers written for communities are technical and mostly boring. They are full of technical facts and summaries of back end and front end interactions. We crafted a Whitepaper that has all the technical information that people need, but is an engaging document that inspires people to get involved. More a Declaration of Independence for its community than a manual for developers. 

  • Evolved DAO Design

Setting up a DAO is not difficult. However, originating a sustainable and inclusive DAO is. We used our knowledge of designing experiences that have lasting engagement power and applied it to the design of TOTEM’s DAO. How it evolves to become fully decentralized and democratized over time. How it caters for a fun and empowering community interaction. And how it caters for an ever expanding world of TOTEM sub-communities.

  • Intelligent Octalysis Tokenomics

Most Metaverse economies are rather boring. You can earn money by playing games or selling stuff and services. But most non-game interactions are quite passive: you stake some tokens and wait for your rewards.
So The Octalysis Group designed staking mechanics that drive people back to the TOTEM experience on a daily basis with fun and strategic challenges that users can beat using their creativity and initiative. Just one example on how to make metaverses much more interesting for daily use.


  • A fully gamified UX

Web3 and blockchain deserve a user experience that grabs the player’s attention right from when they first get to know about the Metaverse project. That experience needs to evolve over time and be fine tuned for our human motivations.
Not only is TOTEM fully immersive (Extended Reality or “XR”), it also is an environment where even boring administrative actions are gamified to become fun and inspiring.


How did our client like working with us? Here is what TOTEM’s CEO has to say about our journey so far (and we are still working to improve the experience even more):

“TOTEM is a social operating system that aims to deliver a new reality for its users on the nexus between Web 3 technology and decentralization. In order to ensure that the TOTEM user journey is optimized for engagement, we engaged with The Octalysis Group to assist us in implementing The Octalysis Framework within TOTEM.

The Octalysis Group was instrumental in co-creating a highly engaging White Paper; a sustainable DAO design; and a deep gamified user journey for the TOTEM Operating System. We are very satisfied with the professionalism and passion of the Octalysis team and they have changed our views on engagement and user motivational design. Octalysis Group both lead and supported our needs with complete follow through.

TOTEM is happy to recommend The Octalysis Group for any company looking to optimize design to achieve high ROI user engagement KPIs for their user ecosystem.”

Let us know if you want us to help you create a truly engaging user journey in the Metaverse and we will gladly help you out!


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