Gamification in Insurance: make driving safe with Octalysis design

VÍS – Ökuvísir kominn í umferð

Challenge: many people have unsafe driving habits. The Octalysis Group helped an insurance company to reward good driving behavior.



Distracted drivers are a main cause of accidents. And accidents lead to high insurance claims for insurance companies.

46% of drivers make phone calls while driving. 55% of adults and 73% of young drivers also text while driving. 


The Octalysis Group teamed up with one of one of the leading insurance companies (VIS) to design a driving experience that is both rewarding and safe. The name of the new app: Ökuvísir.

Ökuvísir rewards customers for good driving or for driving less (two main elements that reduce accidents and insurance claims). When users drive they get a behavior score based on their performance on five risky behaviors: speeding, acceleration, braking, swerving, and phone use.

Good driving behavior leads to getting discounts on your insurance premiums, so there is a direct financial benefit for drivers to maintain a positive driving score.

The app engages people well beyond just standard Gamification design and gives users agency and a fun community experience. In addition, the art design is fun as well.



The implementation of Octalysis designs led to impressive results. Whoever thinks that insurance is a boring business, should think again.


Over 60% of the drivers massively improved their driving score within 3 months of the launch of Ökuvísir. For VIS  it led to a decrease in insurance claims and for good drivers it led to significant savings on their insurance premiums.

Ökuvísir won a prestigious Design Award in 2021. It won prizes for App of the Year and Technology Solution of the Year.

The jury stated:

“The app bridges the gap between being complex to build and being very simple and easy to use. Complex back-end, original UX design,  great user experience and gamification.”

Not bad for an experience that was designed and developed at an astonishing speed in the middle of the COVID pandemic!

If you are interested to know more about how to design truly engaging userr experiences for your customers, let us know .

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