Gamification in business: the case of India

Gamification in business: the case of India

India Business Gamification 

You will most likely think of North America and Europe as the world leaders when you think about business and gamification. And while you would be correct, you will have overlooked one major country in the industry:  India.India is one of the upcoming enthusiasts in gamification, with the technology taking root in various sectors, including education, employee training, blockchain and many other industries. Using the services of The Octalysis Group, businesses in India have discovered gamification’s ability to increase employee and customer engagement with their brands, increasing engagement, retention and brand loyalty.

Examples of gamification in business

So how do businesses use Gamification in their business? We can basically divide it into two main categories: employee and customer gamification. While each category serves a different ‘customer’ both applications of gamification in business have one ultimate goal; to increase engagement, revenue, loyalty and profitability for the business.

Employee Gamification in Business

Several employee tasks and work processes can be gamified, from onboarding to sales, training and motivation. Gamification makes work fun for employees, which increases their engagement and loyalty to the company.

Gamification in sales: An excellent example of business gamification in sales is the gamification solution that The Octalysis Group designed and built for Navo Orbico. Our gamification solution helped Navo Orbico increase its sales by 28.6%, while its sales activity KPIs increased by 60%. This highly successful project won a major Gamification Award for its lasting and deep Return on Investment. Even many years into the launch of the project, the participation rate of employees was well above 95%.

Gamification in safety training: Aperam, a subsidiary of Arcelor Mittal, partnered with The Octalysis Group to build a workplace safety training game called SAFE app which delivers the required safety training in a fun and engaging manner which enables the employees to learn and retain the material.

Customer Gamification in Business

When done right, customer gamification can significantly improve your brand visibility within your industry by increasing customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Gamification of loyalty programs: The Octalysis Group teamed up with the VW Group to create Boneo, the world’s first gamified loyalty rewards program. Boneo helps users complete tasks and go on quests in exchange for points that can be redeemed at a car wash, the service bay, or even to get tickets to see your favorite artist in concert.

Gamification of customer journeys: Microsoft launched the Microsoft Edge browser, which gamified user journeys for learners, making it easier to complete their classes faster and retain more information than ever before.

Why is the Octalysis Framework so popular in India?

While India is still an emerging economy, it is one of the global leaders in gamification in business. This is due to various factors that include;

  •   India has a growing middle class that is changing consumer tastes, preferences and priorities.
  •   India has a young population (average age is 28.4) that is more inclined to playing games than many older populations.
  •   India has a high interest in blockchain, cryptocurrency and metaverse technology due to a deliberate government policy to regulate and tax Web3 technologies instead of banning them.
  •   India’s government has passed laws that make it easy to teach, develop and integrate technology with Indian society and work.
  •   India has an ancient culture of gaming and sports that makes it less resistant to productive gaming than most cultures.

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