Yu-kai Chou interview on future of VR and Gamified ARG

Yu-kai Chou interview on future of VR and Gamified ARG

Yu-kai Chou being interviewed by a VR Influencer on behalf of HTC/VIVE

Occasionally, we at the Octalysis Group would start to represent our clients to the public. Such is the case for our Founding Partner and Chief Creation Officer Yu-kai Chou. In 2020, the Octalysis Group was connected to HTC/VIVE, a leader in smartphones and premium VR Headsets. We were very lucky that the Founder/CEO of HTC Cher Wang has read Yu-kai’s book Actionable Gamification: Beyond Points, Badges, and Leaderboard. She wanted to explore a variety of ways we could help the Taiwanese-based company. As a result, in 2020-2021, Yu-kai Chou took up contracting roles for Head of Digital Commerce, Head of Creative Labs, and also managed the North America marketing teams.

Designing a VIVE Giveaway Contest ARG

More recently, we started working closely on social media and social influencers/innovators.
Gamified ARG
We recently designed and launched a Gamified ARG (Alternate Reality Game) the #VIVEPORTAL which involves solving a lot of online puzzles and riddles (such as converting music notes into map coordinates, or deciphering a poem about celestial stars arguing about who is the brightest.) All of this leads to an amazing giveaway prize where a few lucky/creative winners will travel to a 5-Star Hotel and experience the highest-end VR HTC VIVE has to offer. At the same time, Yu-kai was interviewed by an influencer in the VR world – Eric for President. Here he talks about the ARG and the future of VR.
VR Gamification

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