Big Gamification in a Big Data World

Big Gamification in a Big Data World

Big Data gamification

We have highlighted the high need for much higher user engagement again and again. And this need for engagement has not changed in any way. How do we know? The numbers don’t lie. User engagement is still low.

For example, did you know that a whopping 78% of Millenials are disengaged at work? That is an incredible number isn’t it? And they are much more disengaged than older workers (whose dissatisfaction at work average at around 25 – 30%).

And it is not only engagement in the workplace. Customer engagement is hitting critical levels for many companies. Many are desperately trying to compete for users with Big Data companies like Google, TESLA and Amazon. But they can’t compete with these firms on their own turf: highly advanced algorithms. The only thing left to do is to capture the user experience in ways that these Big Boys of Data don’t need to do yet. That is where you can still can get a competitive edge.

For almost a decade we have been telling people that Gamification can achieve remarkable results in capturing user engagement. If it is designed well, that is. Over time we have shared a number of our case studies with some remarkable results.

But don’t take our word (or that of our clients) for it! Time to share some other truly BIG ROI NUMBERS from Gamification projects around the world. And even if these Gamification experiences are not what we would consider high quality, they can still achieve some great short term results.


We all like the really big Gamification impact numbers don’t we? This ROI belongs to the conversion rate of companies that use Gamification versus baseline. Yes, companies actually had 7 times more conversions from implementing Gamification in attracting, onboarding and selling to customers. Nifty!
Samsung saw a 500% increase in customer product reviews, and 66% increase in site’s visits when using a gamified system, Samsung Nation.


A major IT consultancy regamified its already-mature reputation system, increasing usage by 400% and community feedback by 96%.


Students more than tripled the time spent on their subjects when Gamification and game based learning was introduced into their learning set up and curriculum.


How to get these numbers yourself?
OK these numbers were big. But do they tell you the whole story? Mm, well maybe it was a little bit like showing models in a glossy magazine. They seem impossibly tall, beautiful and picture perfect. Have they been photoshopped to perfection perhaps?

No and yes. These numbers are real. No doubt about it. But yes, they only tell part of the story. Most numbers are short term numbers. They do not tell the engagement story over time. What is left of these great numbers when we look at the medium to long term engagement?

Unfortunately, we do not know the exact numbers over time of these case studies but we do know that ROI KPIs drop off quickly after the initial excitement. The Octalysis Group has build up tremendous experience (and the client references that go with it) to prove you can achieve long term high user engagement with Octalysis Gameful design. The design has to be balanced just right in order to work, and we have the methodology and design process to get you there.

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