Gamification without Borders: The United Nations of Octalysis

Gamification without Borders: The United Nations of Octalysis

The global power and reach of the Octalysis Gamification Movement is growing fast. We now have fans in all continents (not sure how up to date our Antartica database is, but still). Look at them using the power of Core Drive 3: Empowerment of Creativity and Feedback to express their intrinsic enjoyment of the Framework!


See below a couple of beautiful national representations of The Octalysis Framework. It shows how universal Octalysis is and how it appeals across borders and cultures…


Please submit your own country version (mailto: joris[at]octalysisgroup[dot]com) and we will incorporate in The Octalysis Group Blog! Can we reach inclusion of all major countries of the world?

Australia (Willow Neilson)

Australia Octalysis

Azerbaijan (Hasan Hasanov)

Azerbaijan Octalysis Gamification

Brazil (Tiago Sizenando)

 Brazil Octalysis Gamification

China (Larus Yang)

Colombia (Lady Morales)

Colombia Octalysis Gamification

Hungary (Adam Pusztai and Aron Toth)


India (Ashish Pratap)

India Octalysis Gamification


Jordan (Ehab Abu Dayeh)


The Netherlands (Joris Beerda)

Netherlands Octalysis Gamification



Norway (Gaute Kokkvoll)

Norway Octalysis Gamification


Poland (Iza Koslowska)

Poland Octalysis Gamification


Singapore (Joshua Wong)

Singapore Octalysis Framework Gamification


South Korea (Jae-ho Choi)

South Korea Octalysis Gamification


Switzerland/French (Warren Smith)

Octalysis Switzerland French


Switzerland/Zurich (Jussi Mori)

Switzerland Octalysis Gamification

Turkey (Altug Yilmaz)


Ukraine (Olga Dudnik)

Ukraine Octalysis Gamification

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