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We don’t just install cool features and surface-level gimmicks for our clients like other gamification companies. We leverage Octalysis, the only science-backed framework to integrate behavioral science and game design.

Gamification has seen a spike during the last few years, but we’ve been pioneering this landscape for over a decade.

Captivate audiences, inspire meaningful interactions, enhance user engagement, boost customer loyalty, and drive sustainable growth.

Companies That We Have Empowered With
Gamification Solutions

Gamification in Hospitality: fun for the guest and profitable for the host

La Quinta Inns & Suites (Spanish: La Quinta, “the country Villa”, pronounced ‘la KEEN-ta) is a chain of limited-service hotels in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Honduras. The hotel chain targets middle-income, price-conscious travelers.

To supercharge their loyalty program, a gamified campaign called Play & Stay was implemented.

The first element of the experience is a slot machine game that most people are very familiar with. Users click the big Spin Button and get a chance of winning points or collectibles.
To play, users need virtual tokens which leverage Core Drive 6: Scarcity & Impatience. Tokens are recharged regularly, with an additional wheel of fortune game that can generate more tokens once the initial ones run out.

On top of that, there are “instant grand prizes” as big as “10 Free Nights” that could be won with every spin. The small chance of winning the grand prize did not deter people very much, as the hope of winning a large prize was enough to make the experience fun and addicting. Because the price is so enticing, people are more motivated to continue playing, while being content that their general La Quinta points keep accumulating as they play (a combination of Core Drive 2: Development and Accomplishment and Core Drive 4: Ownership and Possession).

Other game techniques come into play such as Boosters to double scores whenever the player answers trivia questions regarding the hotel brand or shares the game with their friends. This not only adds Core Drive 3: Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback and Core Drive 5: Social Influence & Relatedness but also builds positive associations between the brand and its users.


1. achievment

Viral Coefficient of 530%

2. achievment

34% of the users returned every single day (DAU)

3. achievment

132% increase in Sales

4. achievment

180% increase in Booking Frequency

Yu-kai’s Insights were instrumental in helping supercharge La Quinta’s bookings per user by 206% and incremental revenue per user by $157 (132% Lift). I would recommend any business to work with Yu-kai and learn his Octalysis Framework.”

Founder & CEO of LuckyDiem

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Gamification for Education: making learning truly engaging

Most online learning experiences are not engaging and suffer from dismal course completion rates. The industry average is around 10%. So only 10% of all enrolled students actually finish their course.

The MOOC BitDegree suffered from the same problems and decided to hire The Octalysis Group.

We created an experience aimed at providing context and excitement around the users learning journey, taking the focus away from individual courses. Taking a course on BitDegree now ties into an exciting and more engaging journey: students are exploring and protecting a cool cyberphunk city while progressing towards their unique career paths.


1. achievment

350% Increase In Course Completions

2. achievment

400 % Increase In Users Returning and Signing Up for another course

3. achievment

300 % Increase In User Time Spent on Platform

Working with The Octalysis Group was a great experience.They helped us understand gamification and challenged us to look deeper at what experience we want to build and implement Gamification more effectively.”

Head of Product & B2B

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Gamification in Insurance: make driving safe with Octalysis design

Distracted drivers are a main cause of accidents. And accidents lead to high insurance claims for insurance companies.

46% of drivers make phone calls while driving. 55% of adults and 73% of young drivers also text while driving.

The Octalysis Group teamed up with one of one of the leading insurance companies (VIS) to design a driving experience that is both rewarding and safe. The name of the new app: Ökuvísir.

Ökuvísir rewards customers for good driving or for driving less (two main elements that reduce accidents and insurance claims). When users drive they get a behavior score based on their performance on five risky behaviors: speeding, acceleration, braking, swerving, and phone use.

Good driving behavior leads to getting discounts on your insurance premiums, so there is a direct financial benefit for drivers to maintain a positive driving score.

The app engages people well beyond just standard Gamification design and gives users agency and a fun community experience. In addition, the art design is fun as well.


1. achievment

60% improvement in drivers driving score (within 3 months)

2. achievment

App of the Year (2021)

3. achievment

Technology Solution of the Year (2021)

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Gamification in the Metaverse: introducing human-focused design for Web 3.0

“The invention of the internet gave humanity hope and a promise. It promised deeper connections between individuals across the world.

Despite increasingly better technology with more ways to connect, more people are feeling socially isolated, and devoid of meaning than ever.

This is TOTEM’s offering; a gateway for us to co-create a network that we can all trust, a basecamp to build a metaverse for us, by us. “

Meaningful sentences taken from the TOTEM Whitepaper: one of the top Metaverse projects. It is a Web3 platform that is inclusive and decentralized at the same time.

It has received raving reviews from community members and influencers alike. Part of its core design was modeled on Octalysis and the Framework has been mainstreamed throughout the design of the project: from Whitepaper to DAO to Tokenomics to the UX design.


1. achievment

Innovative Whitepaper Design

2. achievment

Evolved DAO Design

3. achievment

Intelligent Octalysis Tokenomics

4. achievment

A fully gamified UX

We are very satisfied with the professionalism and passion of the Octalysis team and they have changed our views on engagement and user motivational design. Octalysis Group both lead and supported our needs with complete follow-through.” Daniel Hanks, Founder and CEO.
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All our projects use advanced Gamification Design and Behavioral Science concepts to maximize user engagement.

Explore and light up all
the Core Drives
epic meaning

Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning & Calling

This is the motivation we feel when we are part of something bigger than ourselves. It gives us purpose and/or defines us as part of something with unique characteristics.


Core Drive 2: Development & Accomplishment

The internal drive of making progress toward goals and eventually overcoming challenges.



Core Drive 3: Empowerment of Creativity & Feedback

When users are engaged in a creative process where they have to repeatedly figure things out and try different combinations.


Core Drive 4: Ownership & Possession

Users are motivated because they own something. What you own you value higher. When players feel ownership, they innately want to make what they own better and own even more.

social influence

Core Drive 5: Social Influence & Relatedness

Incorporates all the social elements that drive people, including mentorship, acceptance, social responses, companionship, as well as collaboration, competition, and envy.


Core Drive 6: Scarcity & Impatience

This is the drive of wanting something because you can’t have it yet. The fact that people can’t get something right now motivates them to think about it continuously. Even frantically.


Core Drive 7: Unpredictability & Curiosity

This is the drive of wanting to find out what is next. If you don’t know what’s going to happen, your brain is engaged and you think about it often.


Core Drive 8: Loss & Avoidance

This core drive motivates us through the fear of losing something we have or avoiding negative events.

A Game changing Tool

The Octalysis Framework is a powerful tool to analyze human motivation.

What is the Octalysis Framework?

The Octalysis Framework is a groundbreaking approach to gamification, developed by Yu-kai Chou, that analyzes human motivation through eight Core Drives.

These Core Drives are the essential elements that fuel our behaviors, and by understanding them, the Octalysis Framework enables the design of engaging and motivating experiences.

By applying this framework to various aspects of business, products, and services, it becomes possible to create an environment where users are naturally driven to engage, purchase, and advocate for the brand, resulting in increased loyalty and success.

Core Drive 1: Epic Meaning & Calling

This is the motivation customers feel when they’re part of a grander narrative. It’s the drive to become part of something bigger than ourselves. It empowers them as integral players and fosters brand loyalty, laying the groundwork for customer engagement strategy.

Core Drive 2: Development & Accomplishment

Users are extrinsically motivated by the drive to level up, improve, and achieve mastery.. Progressing towards goals and overcoming challenges in real time inspires engagement with game mechanics that keeps them enthralled.

Core Drive 3: Creativity & Feedback Empowerment

When users immerse in a creative process, they actively explore and experiment with various combinations. Through this, creativity and valuable feedback amplifies customer satisfaction, motivating them to dive deeper into the experience.

Core Drive 4: Ownership & Possession

Users are driven when they have ownership over something. What you own, you value higher—it’s a very human thing. Ownership pushes them to improve what they possess and acquire more.

Core Drive 5: Social Influence & Relatedness

This incorporates all social elements that drive people, including mentorship, acceptance, social-media-like responses, companionship, as well as collaboration, competition, and envy.

Core Drive 6: Scarcity & Impatience

This focuses on the user’s tendency to obsess over what we see but can’t have. They can’t get this thing right now, so they must continuously—even frantically—strategize and contemplate their next move.

Core Drive 7: Unpredictability & Curiosity

Core Drive 7 is a catalyst for rapid and pure engagement. It feeds user’s thirst for new experiences and information, keeping their minds engaged and buzzing with anticipation.

Core Drive 8: Loss & Avoidance

The fear of loss and the urge to avoid negative consequences is a primal instinct within us. It’s the drive to avoid what is undesirable or changing one’s behavior.